Parents in Equity (PIE) & CPE Task Forces

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Cultural Proficiency and Equity (CPE) Task Forces

Each building in the NPSD has a Cultural Proficiency and Equity (CPE) Task Force, formed with the mission of ensuring that each school fosters an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable environment for all families by celebrating the diversity of its community. These groups of parents, teachers, and building administrators meet monthly at each school to implement building specific projects and objectives, and to discuss the progress of ongoing cultural proficiency and equity efforts.

To get involved with the CPE Task Force or other cultural proficiency and equity efforts at your student’s school, please reach out to your building principal.

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Parents in Equity (PIE) Group

The districtwide Parents in Equity (PIE) Group shares a common mission with the building level CPE Task Forces. PIE was formed to bring together parents from the CPE Task Forces at every building and facilitate the exchange of ideas across the district. PIE meets monthly to collaborate on projects aimed to promote the mission of the group, and to learn more about what is happening in the area of cultural proficiency and equity across the district. PIE members must be active members of at least 1 building level CPE Task Force.

Learn more about the work of the PIE Group

If you have any questions about district equity work, please contact Dr. Pamula Hart, NPSD Director of Curriculum and Equity, at [email protected].

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