Working Papers

Student Working Permit Information

Due to the current school closure, we have created a process for students to complete the working permit application electronically. Please note that students must reside in the North Penn School District.

How to Submit Application

You will need to submit both a completed application and a copy of your proof of age documentation. Directions on how to do so can be found below. When all of the required documentation is received and reviewed, the blue working paper document will be created and sent to the child’s home address via US mail. Outgoing district mail is being picked up once a week on Friday so there may be a slight delay in the working paper arriving in your mailbox.


Click on the link below, download the form, and then save it on your computer. Once you have completed the required information on the saved form, you must save the form again. Please submit the completed form via email to

Working Paper Application

Proof of Age Documentation

 Please click on the link below and use the Google form to upload a picture of your documentation (birth certificate, passport, license….)

Proof of Age Documentation

PA Child Labor Act

All students between the ages of 14 through 17 are required by Pennsylvania Labor Law to secure a Work Permit before they may begin to work. Exceptions to this law are 17 year-old-students who have graduated or have officially withdrawn from school. Students who have reached age 18 do not need a work permit.

If you are a minor, ages 14 – 17 and currently possess a valid work permit through North Penn School District, you may continue to use that permit to work.

As of January 1, 2013, physicians and employers are not required to sign the application.