Knights of Honor

Criteria and Rules

  1. Consideration will be given to an individual who has brought honor and outstanding service to the North Penn School District in the following two categories:

    • A person providing direct and significant services benefiting NPSD students and the community as a whole.
    • An alumnus with marked accomplishments in his or her chosen career or philanthropic endeavors.
  2. Honorees will be chosen annually with the number of nominees chosen at the discretion of the selection committee as outlined below.

  3. To preserve the integrity of the Knights of Honor program, the recognition is reserved for individuals of recognized accomplishment and character.

  4. In general, employees of the North Penn School District will only be considered after their service has ended.

  5. If necessary, NPSD reserves the right to remove a name from the Knights of Honor program if it is in the best interests of NPSD.

Procedures for Nominating

  1. Individuals or organizations shall submit the formal application.

  2. The superintendent will charge a committee to consider nominations.

    • The committee shall be comprised of students, alumni, staff and other representatives of the school community as deemed appropriate by the superintendent.
    • The committee shall consider all nominations that satisfy the criteria and rules cited above.
    • The committee shall submit a report to the superintendent, which includes selected Knights of Honor recommendations
    • The superintendent will review the recommendation in accordance with Section II of the guidelines.
    • Submitted nominations not chosen will be considered again the following year without the need to resubmit an application.
  3. The Superintendent will take the selected nominees to the Board of School Directors for approval.

Ceremony and Recognition

The selected Knights of Honor will be recognized at a reception held annually. An individual display will be placed for all honorees in The Knights of Honor Wall located at North Penn High School in the concourse. All honorees or a member of the family will need to be present at ceremony.