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500 Squirrel Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-368-4017 Fax: 215-368-7862


Principal - Mr. Jonathan Winkle, [email protected]

Principal's Secretary - Sarah Sherpinsky, [email protected]
Building/Attendance Secretary - Dana Wilson, [email protected]

Health Suite - 215-853-1663
Fax - 215-853-1563
Mrs. L'tanya Varona RN, CSN, [email protected]

School Counselor - 215-853-1664
Mrs. Mindy Schewe, [email protected]

School Hours/Arrival and Dismissal
9:10a.m - 3:40pm.
Students must be in class by 9:10 or they are considered tardy.

Whether you are a member of the Oak Park community, considering a move to our District, or simply surfing the net, it is our desire that you find this site informative and enjoyable. The educators and support staff assembled here know how to teach, care deeply about what is best for children, and are constantly working to improve their craft. Oak Park has a highly motivated and professional staff that works daily to positively impact the lives of all students!

This website introduces Oak Park's teachers, explains programs and services, describes curriculum, and showcases elements of our school about which we are especially proud.

Contact us, visit us, and join us as together engage, empower, and encourage students to dream, reach and succeed.