Congratulations to MISE

MISE was recognized, by the President's office, for their role in improving science education as part of the President's "Educate to Innovate" campaign. MISE was also identified as a participant in the new "Change the Equation" initiative to mobilize corporate support for science and technology education. This is truly exciting for the NPSD because we have been part of this initiative since the inception.

The White House acknowledges all of our schools and employees who have been part of the 17 year partnership with MISE:

  1. The elementary teachers who provide phenomenal science instruction
  2. The instructors and participants of the annual Peer Teacher Workshops
  3. The secondary teachers identified as Content Specialists for the Peer Teacher Workshops
  4. The Eight building principals and Fifty plus teachers involved in the MISE Leadership Academy
  5. The excellent organization and distribution of science materials by Kathy Troupe
  6. The ongoing support provided by all support services from room preparation to technology needs