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Physical Exams 6th grade and kindergarten students need mandated physical exams, and any student without an exam on file. Attention: 6th grade parents: Mandated physicals are due before your student can enter 7th Grade. School exams (physicals and dentals) are done free of charge throughout the school year. You will receive notification of the date and time should your child require a physical and/or dental exam.

Dental Exams are required for kindergarteners/new enterers, third grade and seventh grade; also any student without a dental exam on file. Again, reminder forms will be sent home.

Private physical/dental exams were due Oct. 15, 2017. These private exams are valid within a year (from September 2016 to October 2017). Please have private dental and physical exams completed as soon as possible. Additional private forms are available from the school nurse to take at the time of your child's appointment to avoid additional fees and charges from your private doctor/dentist.


Children in all Grades need the following to attend any Pennsylvania School:

Students need to have at least one (1) of every immunization required prior to entering the first day of school or risk exclusion. A new Immunization Requirement for Fall 2017 includes: ** 4 doses of polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given) ** Please Click the attachment on Oak Park News~Monthly Family Letter for a list of all immunizations requirements

Head Lice Policy

Head lice should be suspected when there is intense itching and scratching of the scalp and back of the neck.Students with head lice (live bugs)will be sent home and may not return until they are lice free. It's important to act quickly and inspect each member of your family daily for at least two weeks. Also,students must report to the nurse's office upon returning to school. If you find evidence of lice on your child please notify the school nurse. You may also want to consult your family physician or local pharmacist regarding treatment.

Medication Policy Prescription medications need a doctor's note as well as a note from the parent.

Prescription medications should be in their original prescription labelled box and/or bottle.

Over-the-Counter medications need a note from the parent. Students with food allergies, asthma, seizure disorders, please ask your physician and/or allergist for an Action Plan for the school nurse.

Important Reminder: Please make sure the school has the most updated emergency contact information for your student.

Parents will need to go online to update their contact information on the Home Access Center (HAC) via

Any Questions please contact the School Nurse

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